Benefits Of Using Epoxy Paint For Steel

Benefits Of Using Epoxy Paint For Steel

Epoxy paint is consist of two compounds, resin and hardener. The resin gets mixed with hardening catalyst, this combination provides the coating that can help to increase the life of steel structures.  Usually, the epoxy paint is used to reduce the deterioration of steel tanks. As this provides a protective layer which can resist abrasion, corrosion and extreme temperatures. This has a widespread application I industrial infrastructure but it is not limited to steel. This can also be used for concrete and other metals. There are certain benefits of choosing epoxy paint for steel structure, such as:

Durability: As it is made from hardener, so it protects steel. Its thick layer of coating that will increase the strength of the steel. As it is resistant to external factors like corrosion, abrasion and change in temperature. This will increase the life of the steel structure. By applying the epoxy paint on the steel surface, it will make it surface hard further.

Economical: Many people use enamel paint for steel structure. But enamel paints will wear off after some time and then recoating is need with frequent intervals. But epoxy paint once coated, can stay up 4-5 years. So it means that you have spent money once on epoxy paint and that will save your efforts for years to come.

NO Toxicity: The epoxy paint will not release any toxins, whereas other paints can contain a chemical which can increase toxicity. So it means that using the epoxy paint also helps to maintain the environment. This is ideal in the food manufacturing industry. Because no food production company wants that there should be any toxicity in their products. Even governments don’t allow food companies to use those paints which can release toxins in the environment or the product

Low Maintenance: Once applied, epoxy paint will not need any maintenance for a longer period. They are very easy to clean. Also whenever you will remove the dirt from the steel pipes or tanks, the paint will not wash off due to cleaning. So it means that it is a permanent fix because other paints can wash off while cleaning. Which will waste your effort and money

Extreme Temperature: As the steel structure like steel tanks, are usually placed in outdoors. SO they have to face extreme temperature i.e. hot or cold. The epoxy paints are ideal for such scenarios. Even the epoxy paint can withstand temperature up to 390 Degree Fahrenheit. Also, they are water-resistant, so you should be worrying that it will wear off after heavy rains

These are some of the salient features of epoxy paint which can benefit any manufacturing unit. Especially in food manufacturing, people prefer epoxy paint due to the above-mentioned qualities.

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