3 Signs That Shows Your Roof Needs A Change

3 Signs That Shows Your Roof Needs A Change

Roofs are big part of a house. Think about it; if it weren’t for a good roof you would get rained on, snowed on, hailed on and even pooped on by birds and other animals. Therefore, making sure that you take good care of it is only given. However, sometimes with the busy lives we live in, there really might be no time to take every little detail in your home in to account and make restorations whenever needed. But still, here are some signs you should be looking for that’s clearly hinting at a much-needed change for your roofs!

The expiration date

Just like with foods, roofs also come with expiration dates. Of course, they might not be literally written on, but they do exist. Cedar roofs are said to last for 15-20 years while tiles could last even a 100 years. However, depending on how you use these the expiration date may vary and during that time you can’t avoid a roof repair. To avoid having to spend a large sum on this all at once, it helps that you check your roofs annually or every once in six months. This way any changes would be detected early on and repairs could also be made without fail!


Are you having to place bowls and buckets all over your house when it rains? If that’s a yes, then that’s a clear sign that you should be taking a much better look at your roof and giving it the roof restoration, it needs. Sure you might think of possibly covering over the hole with cloth from the inside of your home or slapping a couple blobs of concrete over the holes, but you need to keep in mind that this can only go for so long. Once the leaks keep getting worse it is not only going to stop with a bad roof but it would affect your walls and entire house. So to prevent this, when you experience that first leak itself, call in the pros and get things fixed once and for all!


Although at the beginning a little mold and moss might not seem like anything much, it is when it starts to spread that the problem gets bigger! You need to understand that the reason for these to grow in the first place is the moisture. So if they are only growing out of control that means the moisture is seeping in to those roofing tiles and if it isn’t deal with properly from the beginning itself it would not only continue to spread but it could also cause your entire roof to come collapsing and cracking down on you. Therefore, getting regular inspections on your roofs and dealing with such problems on time is essential especially if you don’t want to end up having to spend thousands of dollars on repairing your entire home after experiencing the worst of moss! Make sure to also be on the lookout on the appearance of your roof. If it just doesn’t look like how it is supposed to, then its best to take the next call to your roofing company!

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