Types Of Flexible Pipe Coupling

Types Of Flexible Pipe Coupling

Pipe coupling is one of the necessary instrument for various industries as well as households. The purpose of pipe coupling is to join two pipes as it comes with the design of adjusting the ends of the pipe and fit them together in one. With the help of these, coupling two big pipes or object can fix together and serve a good purpose. There are many benefits of this coupling as if it can connect the two different size and design of pipes to work as a single unit. Moreover, many industries face the difficulty at the turning points where pipe gets bend and the flow of water gets stuck in between in that situations these pipe couplings works like a wonders. As these coupling come in different flexible designs so, they work well at turning points as well. Few of the coupling comes with the turned moles so they can serve the purpose effectively. There are many industries who use these couplings frequently in their work because the huge spaces needs the proper gadgets to do the proceedings. Many of these couplings allow the user to make it customized according to the need to their own area and according to the need of their own specified designs.

Following are few of the types of pipe couplings:

Orbit Couplings:

Orbit couplings are used for short time lead and with the low pressure as these are for short time lead so the purpose of these orbits gives the great benefit to the users who doesn’t required a heavy work outcome with couplings. We can say that these kind of couplings can go good for the households.

Straub Couplings:

Straub couplings comes in many different sizes and designs and the best thing about these couplings is they come with different pressure handling specification so that one can choose according to their own need.

Teekay Couplings:

Teekay couplings designed for handling high pressures, most of the industries use Teekay couplings for the joints, and water flows. These Teekay couplings also comes in different designs and sizes one can choose according to the desired need.

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