The Art Of Mixed Metals In Home Interior

The Art Of Mixed Metals In Home Interior

When it comes to home decor, its normally just three things, modern Contemporary, traditional or something in-between. But if you’re fan of mixing things like ketchup with rice, or passion with procrastination, then you’re going to absolutely obsess over this new trend that’s breaking stereotypes and embracing styles that were once said were bound to fail. Fire and ice, or toothpaste with orange juice might not go together but silver and brass and sure does and looks great when pulled off too. If it’s pulled off in the right way that is. If you’re interested know more about the new trend that’s stormed the design world, and want to pick on a few key points, do it the right way and go pro, read below.

Combine Contrasting Metals.

You can never go wrong with matching metals that contrast with each other. You can achieve this by opting for one that’s warm and another that’s cool when combining two metals, for example brushed Nickel or silver with your cold metal and brass with the warm one. Some of the combinations that work well would be gold silver or copper with iron. You can highlight them in fixtures and fittings in rooms and create a cohesive flow. And since matte black looks unsurprisingly good with almost any metal, an epic trick would be to incorporate them in cabinets and faucets when carrying out your ensuite renovations Parramatta.

Choose Finishes Suitably.

Whether you’re renovating your entire house or are just opting for kitchen renovations, if you’re taking a mixed metals approach, then you need to keep that it is vitally important to match your finishes. It works the same way you match patterns with shades in different elements throughout your home decor like in wall art and couches. When it comes to finishes, again this depends on which style you want to emulate whether modern, contemporary or traditional. Whilst polished smooth finishes suit the former, an oily more antique finish suits the latter. Visit for kitchen renovations.

Pick a Principle Colour.

Yeah you’re allowed to have as many metals as you want but just like you choose one dominant or overriding colour on your pain pallet, you’ve got to an import one on your range of metals too. Remember all metals play an equally significant role but one prevails the rest and if you’re having trouble choosing which one, just go or match with the style you’re rooting for. That is, stainless steel if it’s a classic contemporary or brass for farmhouse styles. And once you’ve settle on which one’s going to dominate, you can heighten the possibilities of incorporating the rest in other small ways accenting the living space.

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