Protection Of Solar Panels From Birds

Protection Of Solar Panels From Birds

In today’s time, we see a lot of people investing on solar panels in order to go for the natural means of energy consumption which of course, is a less costly means of electricity production. But as much as we say that installing solar panels is a great means of energy efficiency, they are also a source of being a readymade shelter for the birds which subsequently, becomes a problem for the solar panel owners.  

When you have a solar panel installed on the roof of your house, you should be prepared to know that all sorts of birds may use it as a source of nesting hence, this will lead to damage the panels or require you to have frequent maintenance sessions conducted. But luckily, there are some new methods arisen, known as the solar panel mesh that can help you overcome this problem. 

A solar panel mesh as you may ask is a tool that is installed within the parameters of the panels that helps in preventing a way for the birds underneath the panels for their nest and as a result, this leads in protection of the panel from being damaged and works just fine. The best part about solar panel mesh is the fact that they are easily removable whenever you require for a frequent maintenance as well as they are very difficult to see even from up close hence, the beauty of the solar panel maintains. 

Moving on towards why it is important for a user of solar panels to protect it from the birds then there are a various reasons why you should do that like bird control;

  • These birds are known to damage the cables and wires completely, hence, result in inefficiency of the solar panel system.
  • Damage of the entire panel
  • Reduction in output of the solar panels due to droppings by the birds and debris on the screens of the panels.
  • A major risk of fire if birds tend to produce their nest under the solar panels.
  • Blockage of the drainage system of the roof mainly due to food debris, nest materials, feathers and other sort of droppings caused by the birds. This may also lead to a nutrient rich environment which can lead to growth of vegetation. 
  • Causing a health issue to any worker who is working on the roof for any such purpose by having a contact with bird droppings which may result in any sort of infections. 

From the above stated points, it is very important to have your solar panels protected by using these new tools which are specifically made and designed to serve the purpose of protection from birds.

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